Responsibility: A Go or A No?

As I have mentioned it on my previous post, our responsibilities is the foudation of our success. It shows us the path of our life’s road, either a road to success or failure full of u-turns to success.

Have you ever ask yourself, “Am I responsible enough?

We all have different tasks and duties that we are responsible for. Duties and tasks that are required and expected from us by the society and the people involved. Our responsibilities are a need yet they are often ignored, rejected and neglected. Not knowing that we are evaluated depending on how seriously we take them.

Honestly, I am not a responsible person. I tend to set my responsibilities aside, in order to do the things I wanted like hanging out my friends, even though I got plans that are more important than my hangouts and using the computer or phone tho’ I have tons of assignments and projects to do. I over use my time in doing less important things then use my little time cramming. I’m not a huge fan of cramming, it forces me to do my works less creative and more awful. And that is why I should be a responsible person, not just on the things I will do but also, on the words I will say.

There are probably no words of wisedom on how you can be a responsible person. It always depends on how focus you are on doing the things you are responsible for and not letting others distract you.


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