Better late than never

10928696_1013519398662761_1370121669_nHow was your New Year? Did it turned out well? I hope so because, I celebrated my 1st of January with a wine that I bought and delicious foods that my mother cooked.

I started my year in front of the planner that I got from Starbucks. I have never written on any planner before, it’s actually my first time, so I don’t know what to write and do with it. And I am pretty sure that you got the same problem when you got your first planner too. Haha!

I separated notebooks for my goals, my resolutions and other stuff that will help me grow this year. I honestly want to share them to you guys but I believe, if I ever told my plans to someone, even my friends, I might receive negative comments or words of discouragement like “that’s impossible” and I’d rather not.

Since I’m on my early adulthood stage, I personally think that I should be responsible enough to handle all sort of things and situations maturely and with discipline. How can a successful man be successful without being responsible from the start, right?


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