There is fun in reading!

“Those who do not read are worse than the people who do not know how to read”

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Reading is absolutely fun! It helps us with our imagination and in handling other stuff, like the book I read a week ago, which is about interacting and socializing with other people. Reading offers us the knowledge for our daily life, like how it enhances our grammar, expands our vocabulary, improves our memory and our writing skills. 

When I was a child, my mom would not buy me any novels or any kinds or types of books. She told me that I would only get a headache or I would only waste my time. You see, my mom is very organized when it comes to time. She does not want me sitting on the couch reading some books which is not related to any subjects in school. She wanted me to help her instead of reading a “non-sense” book.

During my early teenage years, I met some friends who like to read. Novels, Blogs, Bob-Ong books and any other types of books that I forgot. They suggested some books for me to read! Haha!

Reading helped a lot! It helped me with my studying and memorizing. And it also helped me with my imagination, big time. Haha! So I am telling you to start reading and try to develop some skills that you thought you do not posses.


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