Glory to God!!!!

last saturday, my fellow church-mates and i attended a worship concert entitled “Relentless” at araneta coliseum.

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it was a fun, no. not just fun but overwhelmingly fun and blessed. kung hindi ako nagkakamali first year college pa lang, isa na sya sa mga goals ko in my adult life. and hindi ako nagsisisi na naghalf day ako sa review ko at hindi nagpaka”KJ”.

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there were tons of activities that happened – like talks, games and something that i don’t know what you call it but it’s like a talkshow segment. sorry!

// and even though i came late , i can certainly say that i learned something from their (yes, their!) talks and personal experiences as a believer. praise Him!

there were also skits and performances that i appreciate….but my personal favorite was the concert itself…i enjoyed jumping and singing along with those songs na nagpapagaang ng pakiramdam ko kapag down na down na ako.


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happy kid

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here are some photos of cardinal tagle during his talk about “Jesus’ love and Youth”. you can also click “Cardinal Tagle’s message to the youth” to watch the video of his speech.

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and here was where cardinal tagle doing the trendy “i heart you” signs. hahaha!

the new heart sign where we usually see on korean dramas
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the full hand heart sign.
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the i love you sign language.

— also, i have to thank these people who accompanied me from upper box to the vip section of the arena….and jumping, dancing and praising with me.

R-L: Me. Angela.Jomar. Aaron. Rowell. Jon. Ristian.

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thank you and thank You! God bless you all! 


or are we?

been thinking if we did it right?

i can see how we were raised and morally and spiritually formed well inside the antioch community. and i always wanted every new members of the community to be formed not in the same way, but with the same morals and commitment like we have until today.

are we doing it right? 

i don’t know if we are doing the right thing but i think  we are still focusing on our main objective as a community of God.

or are we?

to be honest, i no longer know the answers of this question. i no longer have a clear eye to see if what we are doing is still Godly or if they compliment His sacrifices.

i need answers. answers that will provide what my inner soul has been asking for years back.

are we still moving as a community that lives in His image or are we dictating the things and decision that will satisfy our hidden self-seeking power?

this. this is confusing. i no longer know the way, i no longer know where i am. how can this be so complicated, when in the eyes of other people, it seems to be an easy as pie.

settling for less?

i just love meeting people to who has the same interest as me when it comes to life goals. 

i always believed that people should never settle for less. yet, only a few people believed in that statement, and most of the people likes to settle in their comfortable spot or their safe zones.

last night, my high school classmate told me that she is planning to take another coarse and take a master’s degree. i don’t know why, but it felt good hearing those kind of things from the people i know.

people value money so much that whenever they received a high salary, or a salary that will stabilize their life for a not so long time…they just give up on their dreams and not explore the beauty of living – learning.

this thought may somehow be debatable or may cause an argument..we people can’t and won’t deny that we like to settle for less or like to spend a very long inside our comfort zones. we hate being rejected, we hate failing and we hate being embarrassed. me too,i dont want those things to happen to me..but how can we grow if the only things we like to experience are the good stuff?

i have this ‘something’ (i’d like to keep it a private) where almost all the people there likes to hear positive things about the idea, they always wanted to hear the good stuff about their ideas that growth, is no longer present. we grow from our mistakes. when we learn to accept and try to correct those mistakes, those failures, and those rejections…we become a better person. we may not be the best, but we are better than our yesterday self.

going back to the story, i became that ‘nega’ person who sees the negative or comments negative things about an idea.

but honestly, i only try to think of the negative possible things that might be encountered, and how will the person or a group of people who thought of the idea handles the situation. you see, providing an idea is an easy job..it is! but it’s the standing beside the decision that is hard. you can’t just a suggestion to someone and leave it to the people you gave it to. you must be there, because it’s your idea! right?

cut cut cut… to be continued, sorry!


it’s been so long since i posted something about myself in this blog. i planned to delete this blog months ago, but one friend told me not to. so, thank you friend!

a month. it took me a month to announce that i am officially an unemployed person. haha! nothing new happened after that, just few celebrations and out-of-town gala(s).

a few months ago, i was excited and thrilled to graduate and have a job that will support my wants and build my dreams…and now, i am in that phase where i am building something that i recently aspired to be – a psychometrician.

and it will take me a challenging journey to get that RPm (Registered Psychometrician) in my name. i might have to sacrifice some things that i am very much comfortable with on my everyday life.

like what thousands of authors wrote on their book “eye on the goal”, so, that is where i am looking at right now. haha!


i’ve been reading, reading and reading in the past few days. also i did some planning and reflecting because, to tell everyone the truth, this path is not an easy way to go to. BUT. there’s always a but – i enjoyed doing this kind of stuff. it may seem plastic, or not a usual thing to hear from someone, but i love reading and learning. i don’t know where i got that will and strength to say that i love…reading yes-alot of people loves to read, but learning? hmmm where did i got that something? haha!

learning something new and reviewing for a license is very much different in so many ways. 

that is why i am very much pressured-worried and excited at the same time. i don’t know what will happened after 4-5 months. will i pass the examination? or should i re-take it on the following year? the anxiety. THE ANXIETY!!! but i know, i know, i believe in myself. #ICANDOIT. i know that if i focus-refocus-concentrate on my goals and worked harder to learn…i know i can get that RPm.

it’s just that……

see, worrying again.

i am trying to balancing my time with – reviewing and reading books that will motivate me. so, no luck just prayers! 

and welcome to me! new me, blog me.



life has been complicated and confusing. it’s kinda hard to portray a golly side of you, during your downs-and-downs-and-downs. nor. show your strength while battling a ten foot giant, alone.

but after battles after battles self is still empty. the glory of winning or the glory of my short wins doesn’t last that long. it’s still a win though, not just a happy win ending.

it may seem sad, but it’s not. being sad is too different from being empty. sad is the absence of happiness. but empty, happiness is present but you just can’t feel it. i personally question myself about this emptiness thing. do i really can’t feel mr. happiness or i just won’t let myself feel it. and i’m talking about real happiness here.

will life get better? will it stay the same? or will it worsen?

i don’t know.


i am down. and that’s why i choose to stay up.

i am weak. and that’s why i choose to strengthen up.

i am dead. and that’s why i choose to live.

Final Term

It’s that time again for Finals, but this time…it is really Final. 

I’was truly a stressful month for us graduating students. We tried to managed our time to finish homework, study for exams and quizzes, do reports and especially, meet the deadlines for our major projects.

Sobrang nakakastress kumilos ng kumilos para sa mga projects, kaya ang laki ng pasasalamat ko sa mga tumulong at kumilos para sa mga final projects namin. Diba? Ang galing nila? 

Disclaimer: My friends and I didn’t involve too much on our project works mainly because, we are handling the League of United Psychology Students (Psychology Organization), and we don’t want to put an additional work and stress for us. Hehe!




This was our project from Training and Development. We had an actual simulation of what is happening during the training of HR Practitioners.



There were two groups for our Nihongo class, one group will wear the Yokata (as seen above) and the other group will wear a cosplay costume, which I don’t have any pictures. Sorry!

We had a magazine project from one of our major subject (Current Issues and Trends for Psychology). We were assigned to do a personality magazine. Sorry, I do not have a picture of our actual magazine.



We also did an HIV and AIDS Awareness seminar on our Physiological Psychology. This seminar was open to all students since we want everyone to be aware with HIV and AIDS.

Handling this kind of event was so stressing and frustrating, especially the paper works. Haha! But overall, we had so much fun doing this kind of activities. Thank you to all the people who organized these events.


The Art of Exploring New


Presenting in front of a group of people in the same field you are in, was kinda weird, exciting and nerve wracking. There’s always that pressure and anxiety that you are going to fail, that something bad is going to happen in front, and that people will judge your tone, English, grammarEVERYTHING!

Our group went to La Salle Dasmarinas to attend the 7th Annual Research Colloquium. It was a one day event, with an almost 2 hour talk in the morning and presentation of theses in the afternoon.

Stuck with the event inside the university, we managed to tolerate our hunger for almost 5 hours since none of us haven’t got their breakfast yet, due to the early call time from our thesis adviser. We somehow got our lunch late from the organizers, which was a problem for us kase naman kami ang unang magpepresent. It was so awkward and humiliating, since we haven’t got time to practice our lines and our presentation at pinasabak kami agad pagpasok na pasok namin sa room. I, myself, forgot my scripted words in front of our fellow presenters so I had to laugh a little and proceed to my scrambled thoughts. Humiliating right? Haha!






But anyways, as first timers I personally think we did a fine job. Hindi siya yung iniimagine namin or ineexpect namin but I think the main point there is we confidently and courageously submitted and presented our thesis from other university. I think my group mates and I are looking forward to another presentation in the future. Ha-ha!